Table of contents

1. Create a new word

Step 1: At Game Center, click  “WordBank

Step 2: Click  New wordbook to create a new wordbook

2. Information in a wordbook

  • Word (1) - New words, To-review words, Learning words, Mastered words
  • The Menu Bar (2) -  Setting, Print, Import, Organize
  • List of vocabulary words (3) - in the Wordbook

3. Lookup detailed information of a word

eJOY gives you information about each word, including:

  • Fluency (1): The number of times you have reviewed the word.
  • Difficulty (2): Difficulty shows you how difficult it is to master a word. The more wrong answers you give, the higher the difficulty level is.
  • The number of reviews (3): The number of times you have reviewed a specific word.
  • Star the word (4) : to make it important or a priority.
  • Reset (5): your learning progress – Restart your learning with the word
  • Remove (6)the word from the wordbook
  • Move / Copy (7) the word to a different wordbook
  • Delete (8)vocabulary from wordbook

4. Move vocabulary from one wordbook to another

Step 1: Select the wordbook you need to copy or move

Step 2: Click Icon "Organize Wordbook" and select a word or all the vocabulary you want to move

Step 3: Select WordBook you want to move and click " Move "

5. Search for saved vocabulary in the wordbook

At Game Center, click  “WordBank” → type the vocabulary you want to search for into the search box

6. How to change the meaning/ context/ example/image of a word

Step 1: Click on the word/ phrase whose meanings need to be changed

Step 2: Click “Edit”(2) to change the meanings of the word/ phrase or click directly on the image (1) to change the illustration for the word

Step 3: Make your edits and click "Save" to save your changes

Hope this article will help you manage your vocabulary book effectively!