Table of contents

1. LISTEN: Watch videos and practice

  • Select a video to watch based on level, topic, duration, and vocabulary
  • Watch the video. While watching a video, click on any word to get its translation, definitions, pronunciation and IPA transcription (1). You can also use the vocabulary analysis feature (2) to see more details of the words appearing in the video
  • Click Slow to play video in slower speed, or click Loop to repeat a dialogue line (3)

Each video has 12 different quizzes of 3 different kinds:

  • Listen and fill in the blank
  • Listen and complete the sentence
  • Listen and arrange given words into the correct sentence

2. WRITE: Practice your transcribing skills

Listen to each dialogue line and write down what you hear. eJOY will show you your mistakes. This feature will help to improve your writing and listening skills.

3. SPEAK: Practice your speaking skills

Record your voice and eJOY will analyze it and show you your pronunciation mistakes. You can playback your recording and compare it to the original voice in the video.