Table of contents

eJOY Epic is a system of English courses featuring over 1200 videos accompanied by lessons tailored to each learner's needs.

1. What makes eJOY Epic special?

  • While eJOY GO or eJOY App allow you to learn at your own pace, with eJOY Epic, you'll engage in English learning within a controlled environment featuring meticulously crafted, scientifically designed lessons along a predefined curriculum.
  • At eJOY Epic, you'll practice listening skills and learn grammar in the most lively and understandable way.
  • eJOY Epic is particularly designed for those who haven't set clear learning goals yet and are seeking a suitable learning path.

2. eJOY Epic Interface

2.1. eJOY Epic Homepage

(1) English Conversations: Videos organized by English communication topics (e.g., Self-Introduction, IELTS Topics...)

(2) Category: Videos organized by different genres and fields (e.g., Culture, Travel, Sports...)

(3) English Level: Videos organized by proficiency levels from basic to advanced (1 – Beginner to 7 – High Advanced)

(4) Grammar: Videos organized by key grammar points for practice (e.g., Present Simple Tense, Passive Voice...)

(5) My Lessons: Track the lesson videos you are currently practicing

  • Started: Videos you haven't completed yet.
  • Practice more on eJOY GO: Videos you have completed on Epic but haven't practiced on eJOY GO yet
  • Perfectly learn: Videos you have completed on Epic and eJOY GO.
  • My favourite videos: Videos you have marked as favorites.

(6) Recently Added: List of recently updated lesson videos

(7) Progress Bar for lesson completion.

(8) Key information of the video (level, duration, main vocabulary, key grammar).

(9) Go to eJOY GO

(10) Browse videos: All video lessons on Epic

(11) Current learning: The most recently practiced lesson video.

(12) Language Display Options

(13) Access Account Information

2.2. Account Settings Page

Account setting dropdown

General Account Information for Epic

(1) Main Account Information (Basic/Pro)

(2) Your Current Proficiency Level Information

(3) Account Settings

(4) eJOY Blog

(5) Access Learning Guides on eJOY

(6) Sign out of Epic

Information Page

(1) Information

(2) Change Profile Picture

(3) Registered Email Address on Epic

(4) Display Name

(5) Change Password

Subscription Plan Page

(1) Subscription Plan

(2) Your Current Plan (PRO/Basic) and Expiration Date

(3) Renew PRO Account

Learning Settings Page

(1) Learning Settings

(2) Display Language on Epic

(3) Your Native Language

(4) English Proficiency Level (1 – Beginner to 7 – High Advanced)

(5) Favorite Topics: Add topics you love and are interested in

2.3. Video Lesson Page

(1) Watch Video or Add to your Favorites

(2) Exercises for Skills Practice

(3) Video Difficulty Level

(4) Video Topic

(5) Video Description

(6) Key Grammar Points Explained in the Video

(7) 8 Main Vocabulary Words to Practice with the Video

(8) Practice Results

(9) View Component Scores of Exercises

(10) View Guide on How to Practice with Lesson Videos on Epic