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In case your eJOY account expires with the Pro package without renewing, your account will return to Basic.

So what happens to your learning data?

  • Vocabulary that you added is still stored
  • Videos that you downloaded remain available, as long as you don't delete the app
  • The courses you have taken are also recorded
  • Your learning process is also recorded and tracked

However, the benefits will be limited according to the Basic account:

  • Ads: You may have to watch ads when using the app, while Pro plan users usually don't have to see ads.
  • Limit the number of new words stored: With your basic account you can only save 20 words.
  • Limit the number of times you review vocabulary: You can only play 3 games on the app and web per day, with extensions being 1 game.
  • Limited access to premium content: Premium video content, lessons, and learning materials may no longer be available to you.

While eJOY's Basic account may not provide all the features of the Pro account, it still delivers numerous valuable benefits to users. If you are already familiar with Pro and intend to upgrade your account, buy it now!