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With the quick word lookup and translation feature, whether browsing the web or watching videos, the eJOY Extension will be an invaluable tool to help you learn vocabulary more easily than ever.

This article will guide you through 3 quick and effective ways to look up words using eJOY on video sites.

1. Use the mouse pointer

Hover your mouse pointer over the word you want to look up in the subtitles to see the Vietnamese meaning.


2. Use the left mouse button

Click the left mouse button on the word you want to look up in the subtitle sentence to get the full translation of the word, including the Vietnamese meaning, English meaning, synonyms, and example sentences.


3. Use the [<] and [>] keys on the keyboard

Press the [<] key on the keyboard to look up words starting from the left side of the subtitle, [>] to look up words starting from the right side of the subtitle. Use both [<] and [>] keys to navigate to any word in the subtitle line.


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