Table of contents

1. Game Center on eJOY eXtension

(1) – The number of words that need reviewing today
(2) – Daily Challenge Setting

  • Play with speaking games
  • Choose wordbook to revise
  • Word priority: Select the group of words you want to review first- new words, learning words,….

(3) – Other settings
(4) – Sync across all devices and platforms
(5) – Go to wordbooks.

2. How to play games on eJOY eXtension

2.1. “Fill in the blank”

  • Select the word that suits the sentence context to fill in the blank
  • Click on the speaker icon to listen to the pronunciation of the missing word in case you need some hints

2.2. “Guess the word”

  • Guess the word basing on the meaning and pictures
  • Answer the question by filling in the blank or select the correct choice

2.3. “Rearrange the block”

Arrange given words and phrases into the correct sentence

2.4. “Type what you hear”

Type what you hear to complete a sentence or a phrase