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With rich features and resources, eJOY English is an effective tool to help you practice writing English. Try using eJOY English today to improve your English writing skills!

1. Practice Writing with eJOY Go

  • Select 1 video on eJOY Go
  • Choose Game “Write” to practice dictation

You will listen to each sentence in the video then write what you hear. This feature will help you improve your listening and writing. eJOY will show you the wrong spelling words.

2. Practice Writing with eJOY Phrasebook

One of the popular ways to study a new English word is by learning individual words, which causes difficulty to apply these words in real contexts. We can remember a long list of single words but can not write a full sentence. Some people have to face difficulties in communication because they do not know how to use words naturally. So that, the best way to learn new words effectively is to learn in the real context.

This will help you:

  • Learn words quickly and remember longer
  • Learn grammar and sentence structure
  • Learn writing phraseology as native people
  • Learn interesting structures to communicate

You can save phrases or full sentences to practice with eJOY games later. Saving entire sentences is a typical way for you to learn words in context.

Besides, you can also save good sentence patterns to learn and apply when writing/speaking later.
Learn how to use the Phrasebook feature on eJOY eXtension.