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You can print out or export your Wordbook’s vocabulary list in the form of tables or flashcards to review.

Follow these steps to help you print/export a wordbook:

1. Go to eJOY eXtension and login into your account
2. On the Game Center screen, click Dashboard
3. Open a wordbook
4. Select Print wordbook

5. In Choose Layout, choose your preferred layout. Then, customize the layout in Customize options. As you select your options, the preview will be updated accordingly. Layout and Customize options are explained as follows:

Choose layout

Table: arrange words in tabular form, with words on the left, meanings on the right

Glossary: arrange words in listing form, with words on the left, meanings on the right

Small: arrange words as a list of small word cards, with words and meaning in the center of the cards

Large: arrange words as a list of large word cards, with words and meanings in the center of the card

Index card: Suitable for printing on A6 paper. Only one word/meaning is displayed on a paper sheet.

Customize options

Alphabetize: Sort words in a-z order

Exclude mastered words: Words you have mastered will not be included in the list

Include images: Display one image of each word

Include examples: Display one example of each word

Flip terms & definitions: Move words to the right and definition to the left. Applicable to Table and Glossary layout (without images) only.

Double-sized printing: Allow double-sized printing. Applicable to Small and Large layouts only.

6. After selecting your options, click “Open PDF” to preview the printing file within your browser.

7. In Print window, go to Destination. Then, choose your printer to print, or choose Save as PDF to export your wordbook as PDF.

Note: If your printer doesn’t support automatic duplex printing, you can use manual duplex printing, or you can print the odd and even pages separately. Watch this video for instructions about printing flash cards