1. Why do you need to use the AI ​​Subtitle feature?

  • Problem: Subtitles in YouTube videos are often not placed in complete sentences, leading to confusion and annoyance for viewers.
  • Solution: AI is used to restructure sentences, create clearer subtitles, and provide more accurate translations.

2. How does AI improve the quality of subtitles?

AI will analyze context and restructure paragraphs, creating subtitles with clearer sentence structures. It also has the ability to provide more accurate translations so viewers can better understand the video content.

3. How to use the AI ​​Subtitle feature?

Step 1: On the video toolbar, select "Sub".


Step 2: Click "Create AI sub".


Step 3: Wait for the AI ​​to complete processing.


Step 4: Watch videos with AI-improved subtitles.


If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact us for more detailed support.