1. What is web integration? Types of web integration with eJOY extension.

  • When a video page is integrated with the eJOY extension, you can: Watch bilingually, look up words, save words, etc. on that page. The features you can use depend on the type of integration.
  • There are 3 types of integration with eJOY:

1️⃣ Fully integrated sites: Integrated by eJOY

On fully integrated sites, you will see the eJOY drop icon in the video player window:

eJOY extension provides a full range of features, including bilingual subtitles, automatic translation, pause mode, keyboard shortcuts, font style, font size, color, full subtitle view, subtitle printing, subtitle bookmark, v..v…

Some full integration pages:

Netflix.com, Youtube.com, Ted.com, Primevideo.com, Udemy.com, Coursera.org, Futurelearn.com, Khanacademy.org, WeTV.vip, Iq.com

2️⃣ Partly integrated sites: Integrated by eJOY

On the following partly integrated video websites, you will not see the drop icon, but you can still use the keyboard shortcuts <, and >. on the keyboard to look up words on subtitles. This list will be gradually added over time, according to user needs:

boardsbeyond.com, vimeo.com, vidplay.online, masterclass.com, osmosis.org, app.curiositystream.com, blutv.com, skillshare.com, lynda.com,...

3️⃣ Manually integrated sites: Integrated by the user

You can also self-integrate a page you want with eJOY extension to watch bilingual subtitles and look up words. Refer to the following article to learn how to self-integrate: Link to the article

2. What if you want a page but you can't self-integrate it?

  • You can send an integration request to eJOY if you are a Pro account user. The steps to send a request are as follows:

Click the eJOY icon that is pinned to your browser toolbar →  Select the settings icon → Select Integrated video sites from the menu → Click Require integration → Fill out the form and submit your request.

❓ Can any website be integrated with the eJOY extension?

Not all video sites can be integrated with the eJOY extension. Here are some requirements:

  • The videos on the site must have subtitles.
  • The subtitles on the site must be a type of subtitle that can be accessed. There are a few video sites that clearly have subtitles, but the site does not allow third parties to access the subtitles, so eJOY cannot integrate. This is also difficult for you to check in advance, eJOY's technical team will check and reply to you when you submit an integration request.
  • eJOY needs to borrow your account to log in to the site if the site requires a Pro account to watch videos. If you cooperate and let eJOY borrow your account to log in, eJOY will support you to integrate as quickly as possible. So please leave a contact method for eJOY on the request form.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us via email: support@ejoy-english.com