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This article will guide you on how to learn English with YouTube videos on eJOY English 2 app.

How to connect YouTube videos with eJOY English 2

  • Step 1: Select Material -> YouTube Connect.
  • Step 2: Enter the name of the YouTube video you want to connect and press search to display the YouTube video results.

How to study YouTube videos on eJOY English 2

You can learn English through YouTube videos via the following features on the eJOY English 2 app.

Dual subtitles

The dual subtitle feature will help you understand the content of the video and practice English listening and speaking. You can customize the subtitles displayed by selecting Sub -> Tick the types of subtitles you want to view.

Loop and Slow

When you want to listen to a sentence multiple times in the audio, pause the video and select Loop at the content you want to repeat, or you can select Loop while the video is playing.

If you want to listen clearly to the audio clip at a slower speed, select Slow.

Look up words while watching videos

To look up words while watching a video, you need to click on the word you want to look up -> The dictionary popup will appear right below.

  • To view fully the information when looking up a word, click on the cross-arrow icon.
  • You can use AI Explanation feature to explain any phrases or idioms.

Practice games

After watching and understanding the video content, you can practice English skills through practice games by selecting Game. Each video will have 5 exercises to help you practice as needed:

  • Active Listening: This exercise will help you practice listening skills, understanding the video by listening to each dialogue sentence and guessing the content of the sentence you hear.
  • Quiz (Complete the sentence): In this exercise, you need to listen to the dialogue again and arrange the words in the dialogue in the correct position, based on what you hear and your grammar knowledge.
  • Shadow (Listen and Speak): You will listen to the sentences in the dialogue and practice speaking by mimicking those sentences. eJOY will score and point out any mistakes you need to correct when speaking.
  • Write (Complete the Sentence): You will listen to the dialogue and fill in the missing information in the provided sentence by typing from the keyboard.
  • Role Play (Fluent Speaking Practice): You will play the role of a character in the video and practice speaking the dialogue again with correct speed, intonation, pronunciation, etc. eJOY will score and point out areas where you need to improve pronunciation.

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Wish you have good learning experiences with eJOY!