1. Add new words while learning through videos

Click on the word you need to translate

Select Add to, the vocabulary will be added to the wordbook

  1. Add new words when reading news

Choose the new word you need to look up the meaning

Click Add to save it in your wordbook and review later

  1. Add new words when learning through the course

After each lesson, there is a review section to summarize the new words learned in the lesson.

  • Select Add to add all the newly learned words to the wordbook
  • Or choose

to add any word to the notebook

Note: Change the wordbook for adding new words

For example, to save the word partially in the No.1 wordbook instead of First Words, you need to do the following steps:

  • Click on the First Words word book
  • Select wordbook No. 1
  • Select Add to save the word in the No. 1