The word book is used to store new vocabulary, and is also used to design questions in the game to help you easily review.

How to create a wordbook

Step 1: Go to My library and select See All in Wordbank section

Step 2: Create a new wordbook

Step 3: Name the wordbook and choose thumbnail. Then click Save to add it to Wordbank

2. Mange the wordbook

You do the following steps to manage the wordbook:

Recategorize the wordbook

  • Select Recategorize/Rename to move the wordbook to another existing wordbook
  • Select the wordbook you want to move to and press Save

Archive wordbook

  • Select Archived to save the wordbook

Delete the wordbook

  • Select Deleted as you want to erase the wordbook


To restore saved/deleted wordbooks, you would choose the appropriate filter command

Restore the archived wordbook

Restore the deleted wordbook

3. How to use the wordbook effectively

You easily track your performance and the word learning process in listening and speaking skills


to review words in games!