What is eJOY 2?

If you have been with eJOY for a while, you may be familiar with products like eJOY app 1, Reader app, eJOY Go, and eJOY extension. These products belong to the eJOY 1 system.

Since August 2022, the eJOY team has launched eJOY app 2, built on a completely new system called eJOY 2.

Both eJOY app 2 and the eJOY 2 system are new improvements that provide better learning experiences, smarter vocabulary review, and well-designed integrated courses.

Why do you need to convert your word list to eJOY 2?

As mentioned earlier, due to the superiority of eJOY 2, the eJOY team will focus on developing and improving the eJOY 2 system, including eJOY app 2, EPIC web, and eJOY extension. Gradually, the eJOY 1 system may disappear entirely.

Therefore, eJOY encourages you to transfer your vocabulary data that you have carefully built up with eJOY 1 to the "new home" - eJOY 2, so that we can continue learning and journey together.

What benefits will you get when switching to eJOY 2?

  • The vocabulary you have saved in eJOY app 1, Reader app, and eJOY extension can be seen, managed, and reviewed on eJOY app 2 after conversion.

(So, what makes eJOY app 2 stand out from eJOY app 1? If you haven't heard of eJOY app 2 yet, learn more here and download the app to experience it.)

  • You also have a new tool for vocabulary review called EPIC web.