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Here are the specific steps to upgrade your eJOY PRO account by redeeming a Code on both the website and the app to help you use eJOY easily.

1. Upgrade PRO account on website

Step 1: Log in to eJOY with your account

Step 2: Access the link:

Step 3: Enter the PRO code in the Redeem code to go Pro section, then click Redeem:

In case you log in to eJOY eXtension and you still do not see your upgraded account: Please log out of your account, then log in again from the beginning.

2. Upgrade PRO account on the app

Step 1: Open the eJOY English 2 app and tap on Profile

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Select Learning Settings

Step 4: Tap on Redeem code

Step 5: Enter the code PRO and then press Redeem

Now that you have successfully upgraded to a PRO account!

Don't forget that the eJOY ecosystem offers various tools to help you learn English on any device: