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eJOY English aims to become an All-in-One English learning platform for learners who need to improve their English from intermediate to advanced levels, focusing on communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and vocabulary.

Most English programs will give you a learning path according to a pre-established curriculum. However, eJOY English aims to learn and acquire language anytime, anywhere, in any situation, according to your interests and needs, not tied to a specific learning path.

eJOY understands that you want an ecosystem that is present everywhere to help you learn English and update all your learning data in one account. Therefore, eJOY is constantly improving and developing new features to help you learn conveniently, smartly, effectively, and save time. Here are some key differences between eJOY English and other English programs:

1. Learning Methods.

  • Learning through videos: eJOY English provides a huge video library with more than 60,000 videos carefully selected and edited for each level and topic. You can learn English through movies, music videos, Ted Talks,...
  • Interactive learning: eJOY English integrates many interactive games and activities to help you practice vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a fun way.
  • Personalization: eJOY English allows you to create a personalized study schedule that suits your needs and goals.

2. Supports practicing and tracking skills.

  • Smart dictionary: eJOY English possesses a smart dictionary with the ability to look up meanings, pronunciations, usage examples and related words of the vocabulary.
  • Recording and comparison function: eJOY English allows you to record your voice and compare it with a native speaker's voice, helping you improve your pronunciation skills.
  • AI: eJOY English uses advanced AI technology to support your learning. AI will help you identify and correct pronunciation errors, and suggest lessons appropriate to your level.

3. Community.

eJOY English has an interesting online learning community with millions of English learners from around the world. You can interact, share learning experiences and support each other during the learning process.

Overall, eJOY English is an effective and interesting English learning program with many outstanding features. eJOY English is the right choice for those who want to comprehensively improve their English skills.

To learn more about eJOY English, you can visit the official eJOY English website at