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Did you know that you can understand any specialized knowledge with eJOY Advanced Popup? This article will guide you on how to use this tool to:

  • Display a pop-up to translate a paragraph
  • How to use the Pop-up from A-Z

First, make sure that you have downloaded the eJOY AI dictionary for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Cốc Cốc - the browsers compatible with eJOY. If you haven't downloaded it yet, please click here to download.

1. How to choose how to display the paragraph translation pop-up

You can choose one of two display methods by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the eJOY icon on the browser toolbar => Select Settings.

Step 2: In the Advanced Translation section, select one of the following options:

  • Immediately display: The translation window will appear immediately when you highlight the text.
  • Display icon: The eJOY icon will appear when you highlight the text. Click on this icon to open the translation window.

2. Features in the long paragraph translation window

  • When translating a long paragraph, you will see a translation window with two tabs: Advanced Translation and Dictionary.
  • In the Advanced Translation tab, you will find the paragraph you want to translate in the "Source Text" section. To listen to the English pronunciation, simply press the speaker button. Quickly copy the entire paragraph with just one click on the copy button.
  • In the Translation tab, you can see the Vietnamese translation of the paragraph, provided by Google or Microsoft. Additionally, you can also see the IPA transcription of the original paragraph to help you practice pronunciation. You can click on the copy icon to quickly copy the translation
  • You can change the translation language to any language you want and press the Translate button to translate the paragraph of text to the selected language.
  • If you like the way the paragraph is expressed, you can save it to review later by pressing the "Add" button.
  • You can also edit the original text by pressing the "Edit" button
  • Highlight important phrases in the paragraph before saving.

3. Using AI explain to explain content

What if you still don't understand the meaning after seeing the translation?

Just click on the AI explain button to get a simpler and easier-to-understand explanation of the content.

  • You can choose to save this explanation in English or Vietnamese for easy reference later.
  • If you need to look up any word in the paragraph, simply click on the word, and you will be taken to the Dictionary tab.

In this tab, you can explore all the information about the vocabulary, including:
  (1) Translation to Vietnamese

  (2) English definition

  (3) Slang and idioms

  (4) Synonyms and antonyms

  (5) Sentence examples

  (6) Related words

  (7) Collocations

  • In addition, you can also type the word or phrase directly into the search bar to search quickly.

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