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How To Distinguish Confusing Words

These are eJOY blog articles to help you distinguish popular confusing words in English: * Complete Vs Finish – Similar, But Different! * You’ve Spelled It Wrong..Oh, Should I Say Wrongly? * “Wronger” or “More Wrong” – Are They The Same? * Envy and Jealousy: Get to Know The Right Usage * Each and Every:

Xuan Bach
  Updated at  May 20, 2024
How To Learn New Words With eJOY eXtension

I. What is eJOY’s method to learn new words? 1. Learn new words from real context You will learn new words while reading newspapers, browsing the web, Facebook or watching TV, YouTube, Netflix… eJOY eXtension enables you to study new words from online courses such as Udemy, Coursera, KhanAcademy.

Xuan Bach
  Updated at  May 20, 2024
How to see a visual image of a word when looking up a word

1. How to see images and animations related to the word you are looking up Step 1: Look up any word you want with the eJOY Extension utility Step 2: On the word screen, select the gallery icon to access images related to the word * Here you can choose between

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 26, 2024
Explanation on the Learning Time calculation mechanism

"Learning Time" is the period of your active learning that eJOY records based on the following formulas: Learning Time = Input time + Speaking time + Writing time Here's what each term means: * Input time: This refers to the time spent playing input games (Flash card, Matching, Multiple Choice, Word Constructor, Rearrange), watching

Toan Tran
  Updated at  Sep 20, 2023
Why isn't app 1 syncing automatically?

1. EJOY has upgraded to a new system From October 2023, eJOY has updated to a new system. There are now two co-existing systems called eJOY 1 and eJOY 2. * eJOY 1 includes: eJOY app 1 and eJOY Reader app * eJOY 2 includes: eJOY app 2, eJOY Extension, eJOY web

Toan Tran
  Updated at  Aug 31, 2023
What does the "Time left" in "Tracking" represent?

Time left to complete shows how much time you have left to complete the daily goal, and gain a streak for that day. Every 24 hours, the system will reset. The eJOY 2 system operates on UTC timezone. Therefore, a day isn't counted from 00:00 to 23:59, but

Toan Tran
  Updated at  Oct 31, 2022

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