Table of contents

This video will guide you to practice reading on the eJOY English app by looking up new words in:

  • News articles
  • PDF files
  • And imported text

1. How to read an article

To read an article on the app, go to the Material section, then to the Read section. You will see a list of articles suggested by eJOY for you based on your level from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

  • You will see a list of articles suggested by eJOY for you based on your level from beginner to intermediate and advanced.
  • You can also choose from suggested websites such as Washington Post, New York Times in the recommended website section or search by topic such as Top News, Lifestyle & Health, Science & Technology.

2. How to look up words

  • With a single word, you just need to tab the word to quickly look up the Vietnamese and English meanings, transliterate and view detailed information of the vocabulary by clicking the arrow icon in the lower left corner. Here, you can see English meanings, root words, example sentences, word combinations, synonyms, antonyms and slang..
  • With phrases, you hold and drag to look up quickly. If you still don't understand the meaning or are not satisfied with the translation, you can use AI for a more detailed and understandable explanation.
  • For example, with the phrase "slowing growth", the normal dictionary translates it as slow growth, try clicking on AI to see the explanation! You can click on the translation icon here to see the Vietnamese explanation. AI has translated "slowing growth" as a reduction in the growth rate of an economy due to reduced consumer demand, economic recession or regulatory changes.
  • Similarly, with long paragraphs like this, you just need to hold and drag to quickly translate. You can also use AI to explain in a more understandable way. Here, AI also highlights phrases used in the passage. You tab the phrase to see AI's detailed explanation. If you want to save it, press the plus sign.

3. Read PDF files

  • To quickly look up and translate PDF files on your phone, open the eJOY app, choose the Materials section, select the book icon then import the PDF file from your phone. And now you can look up and translate text on the file like this.
  • To look up and translate a piece of text from a Google Docs, Epub file or anywhere, you just need to copy the text you want to translate, then click the Copy icon on the eJOY app. After that, you can freely look up words, phrases and translate the passage.

Open the app and practice reading right away with eJOY!

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