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eJOY Epic not only support word search while learning, other functions are also added so that you can strengthen your vocabulary!

*Shortened version of the word lookup

  1. Change the word interpretation language: Adjust manually English (EN) or Vietnamese (VI)
  2. Open the full definition version
  3. Write additional explanations
  4. Select which wordbook to save

→ Click Add to to save the word in the corresponding notebook

  1. Look up vocabulary from Google
  2. Slide the bar to the right to see more meanings of the word

*Full definition version


  1. Illustration, American English (US) and British English (UK) spellings are displayed
  2. The popularity rate of the word
  3. Press the Off button to see the English meaning of the word

Word family

Words in the same family as the word being looked up will be listed in the Word family section


The usage of words in a sentence will be instructed in the Example


Words/phrases that are frequently used with searched words in a way that sounds correct to people who have spoken the language all their lives, but might not be expected from the meaning will be noted in the Collocation section


The synonyms / antonyms of the searched word will be in Thesaurus to help you expand your vocabulary