Table of contents
  1. What is proficiency?

Tracking proficiency will help you know the percentage of your proficiency in each word you’ve learned. Besides vocabulary, you can also track your proficiency in videos.

  • Vocabulary proficiency

After you complete a training game, this screen will show your proficiency for the words you have studied.

  • Blue circle (1): listening proficiency
  • Orange circle (2): speaking proficiency
  • Purple circle (3): writing proficiency
  • Besides proficiency, the green flower (4) shows your efforts in reviewing the word. It doesn't matter if you do it right or wrong, you have mastered it or not, as long as you practice, EPIC will appreciate all your efforts.
  • Video proficiency

Similar to vocabulary proficiency, each video is an opportunity for you to practice English every day. There are many people who have tried and succeeded with the method of practicing one/several videos over and over until they master it. Each video will have a lot of components, but if you only listen and play the game once, you will not remember and be able to use it in daily life. Practicing until you master the sentence patterns and its vocabulary is a good way to help you remember clearly.

Like with vocabulary, here we have:

  1. Listening proficiency
  2. Speaking proficiency
  3. Writing proficiency
  4. Active learning

2. How to increase proficiency?

Since we have proficiency in each skill, you probably want to know how to increase it. Each game is dedicated to hone a specific skill and you can choose to play the game attached to the skill you want to improve.

  • With vocabulary proficiency

The small icon below the game will tell you which skill the game is dedicated to:

  • Blue headset icon: listening skill
  • Orange microphone icon: speaking skill
  • Pen and paper icon: writing skills
  • Green flower icon: active learning
  • With video proficiency:
  • Listening Game, Quiz: Listening proficiency
  • Game Write: Writing proficiency
  • Game Shadow, Role play: Speaking proficiency

3. How to check proficiency?

There are many ways to check your proficiency

  • With vocabulary
  • Method 1: When you finish playing a game, the screen will show the change of your proficiency (picture 1)
  • Method 2: Open the Review section => Select the Word Book you want to check => see the icons showing the skills
  • With video

Method 1: Click on any video and you will see icons which show proficiency on the screen as below

Method 2: Select Review => Clipbank => Select the clip you want to know the proficiency