Table of contents

In this classic training, you will review through 5 games Anki Flashcards, Flash card listening, Fill in the blank, Speak and Rearrange.

  1. Anki flashcards

Anki flashcards is a game that applies the spaced repetition method. This collects vocabulary cards and its explanation to help you memorize vocabulary effectively.

You select Play now to start the game.

You can choose the wordbook to review as instructed below

To install technical setting for Anki Flashcards game only, you can select Settings

For example, one flashcard in Anki Flashcards

  1. Flashcard listening

In this game, you will be reviewed with pre-read word cards to help you practice listening skills and reflexively guessing the meaning of words.

Additional settings for flashcard listening

  • Choose the number of cards for a review at Lesson size
  • Turn on/off autoplay audio after answer with Autoplay audio
  • Turn on/off the pronunciation of word meanings in the Auto pronounce the English definition section
  • Enable/disable the example pronunciation in Auto pronounce the example
  • Set the interval time among parts of a word card and between cards at Elements break time
  1. Fill in the blank

Fill in the blank game tests your writing skills by writing exactly the sentences/vocabulary you hear

You need to pass all the sentences to gain experience for the lesson

  1. Speak

You will hear a sentence/vocabulary and read again in the Speak game

You will listen to the dialogue in the previous video, then press the mic icon to record your audio.

After recording, press the mic icon again for Epic to evaluate and score your pronunciation

In specific,

  • Green indicates the one you pronounce correctly
  • Yellow indicates the one you pronounce almost correctly
  • Red indicates the one you mispronounced
  • White indicates what eJOY Epic hears from you
  • You can click Compare to listen to your recording again.
  • Select Try again to do it one more time
  • Select Next to go to the next sentence
  1. Rearrange

Rearrange game requires rearranging the phases/words in the correct order

You need to choose the words/phrases heard to form a complete sentence as below