Table of contents

You can track your learning indicators in the My Performance section,....

  1. Learning tracking index

- The amount of accumulated experience

  • Streak – Number of days you have completed Daily Goal continuously
  • Mastered – Number of words you have mastered (words that you have played the game many times and eJOY evaluates that you have memorized and know how to use words)
  • Words – Number of words you have saved
  • Current Streak – same as Streak – number of days you are completing the Daily Goal continuously
  • Longest Streak – longest number of days you have completed a Daily Goal
  • Your Progress Today - Your learning process today is measured in 4 factors: Lessons, New words, Videos and Games
  • Your Progress This Week - Your learning process for the week, based on your goals
  1. Vocabulary learning progress
  • New Word Journey – a chart of the number of new words you save every day.
  • Total Words Added – Total number of new words saved for the week
  • Words Mastered – The total number of words you have studied and mastered in the week
  1. Total study time

The total study time is allocated according to the time spent learning each skill including Input, Speaking, and Writing in the last 7 days