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eJOY English 2 app has a feature that allows you to upload PDF files for reference, making it easy for you to translate words and learn vocabulary. To use this feature, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: On the Material screen, select the book icon.


Go to the Practice page, select Document, click on All, then press the Upload button to select the PDF you want.

Step 2: Select the "From Device" button to upload the PDF file from your device.

Method 1: Access from the Material screen
Method 2: Access from the Document section in the Practice screen

Step 3: In the list of PDF files on your device, select the PDF file you want and wait for the app to complete the import process.

Step 4: Now you can look up words in the PDF file right on the eJOY English 2 app.

Note: For Android devices, you cannot directly search for words in the PDF file you just uploaded. You must first switch to reading mode by tapping the glasses icon at the bottom.

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