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This feature is exactly what you need when you want to lookup words within an image, whether it's a comic book page, a handwritten note, or a quote image. The following article will guide you through the process:

  • Simple photo taking or uploading
  • Look up words, save words, edit text

First, make sure you have downloaded the eJOY AI dictionary for Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Coc Coc - the browsers compatible with eJOY. If you haven't downloaded it yet, please click here to download.

1. How to access the Capture Lookup feature

Step 1: Select the eJOY icon in the upper right corner of the browser screen (1) → Select the Capture lookup (2).

(Here is another way: Right-click anywhere on the screen → Select eJOY extension → Select eJOY Capture)

Step 2: Hold and drag the mouse to capture the area you want.

Step 3: After capturing, the original image window will appear as shown below. Now you can select to look up words and save words there as with normal text.

2. How to upload an image

If you already have an image on your computer, you can upload it by clicking the Upload icon in the capture lookup window. After uploading, the following operations are the same as above

3. Functions of the Capture lookup window

(1) Add to my list: Save this screenshot so you can view it later in section (4).

(2) Rescan: Rescan if you find that the text recognition is incorrect the first time.

(3) Capture: Click here to take another screenshot.

(4) My list: What you have saved.

(5) Show text: Display in a more readable text format.

(6) Edit: Edit the text if you want.

(7) Copy: Copy the text.

(8) Zoom image: Zoom in/out on the screenshot.

(9) Translation image: Display the image translated into your native language.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us via email: