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How to save article

Step 1: Click on the bookmark icon located within the article Step 2: Click "Add bookmark" Step 3: Feel free to modify the title of the article, and once you're satisfied with the changes, simply click the "Done" button.

Ha Tran
  Updated at  31 Aug, 2023
How To Search An Article In Reader

How can I find the articles I read recently?You can easily find recently read articles at Recently Read How can I find the latest news in eJOY Epic App?The latest news is regularly updated in Latest news section in Reader.

  Updated at  16 Jun, 2022
How to connect newsletter from web browser to eJOY EPIC App

You can not only read newspapers from available sources in eJOY Epic App but connect to other websites and read news on the app. You  can follow the instruction below: Enter the website link you desire in Reader Enter the website name and find the article you want to read

  Updated at  16 Jun, 2022

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