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How to practice listening with slow subtitles (Auto-pause) with eJOY extension

Listening to slow subtitles is a feature that helps you practice active listening extremely effectively. The essence of the slow subtitle listening mode is to listen and pause to guess the listening content in detail. Step 1: Select the eJOY icon (1) -> Select Full Settings (2) Step 2: On

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 26, 2024
Movie Training Feature on eJOY GO

Movie Training is a feature on eJOY GO that helps you learn English while watching movies. It provides you with a variety of tools and exercises to help you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The following article will guide you through: * How to access the Movie Training

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 21, 2024
How to print subtitles of a video on eJOY Extension

If you need to print subtitles from a video for archiving, the following article will help you: * Print subtitles from video with eJOY Extension Print subtitles from video with eJOY Extension Step 1: Go to a video that you want to print the subtitles for. Step 2: On the video

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 18, 2024
How to turn on/off auto-translated subtitles on eJOY Go

eJOY Go's automatic subtitles help you understand the content of videos more easily. This article will help you with: * How to access subtitles on eJOY Go * How to turn on and off English, machine translation, and IPA subtitles First, make sure you have downloaded the eJOY AI dictionary for Chrome,

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 14, 2024
Generate full subtitles for videos without pre-existing captions - eJOY English 2

Occasionally, YouTube videos lack subtitles, causing difficulties in comprehending and keeping up with the content. EJOY has got this feature that helps you use AI to create captions for your videos. How to use the AI Create Subtitle feature Step 1: Open a video in the eJOY English 2 app.

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 08, 2024
Record your speaking practice with eJOY English 2

Recording and listening back to your voice is the best way to self-assess, review the areas you need to improve. EJOY can help you: * Create recordings from the Role-Playing game * Create recordings from the Practice English with AI feature * Access your created recordings 1. How to create a recording from

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 01, 2024

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