Table of contents

Speed ​​training including Matching, Multiple choice, and Word constructor games are designed to help you review the vocabulary you have learned.

  1. Matching

In this game, you will match the picture (or meaning) with the word being read. You can select the word book to play this game. Click Play now to start playing.

Cac thong so trong tro choi

After finishing the game, you will receive accumulated experience. Click Next to see Review Feedback

In the Review Feedback section, the level of proficiency and the next revision for each word will be displayed to help you update your learning.


  • Save to save the Feedback section.
  • Play next to continue playing Matching
  • Quit to exit the game
  1. Multiple choice

Multiple choice is a game of choosing the right answer

  1. Word constructor

In the Word constructor section, you will write a correct word based on its given meaning


The game will end immediately when you have used up all 5 allowed turns. You need to select Restart to start playing again or Quit to exit the game.