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ReJOY English 2 Role Play is a video dubbing game that helps you develop your speaking skills and improve your speaking speed to match each video. The following article will guide you on how to:

  • Play the Role Play game
  • Review your recordings after playing the Role Play game

1. How to play the Role Play game

Step 1: Choose any video you want to learn from -> Select Play game on the video details screen -> From the game list, choose the Role play game

Step 2: On the game screen, select Start Playing to begin playing

Step 3: Choose the microphone button to start recording. After finishing the recording, you can see your recording result.

The eJOY English 2 app will score your speaking:

  • Green text means you have pronounced correctly
  • Yellow text means you have spoken nearly correctly
  • Sky blue text means your pronunciation is not quite right
  • Red text means you haven't spoken correctly or the app hasn't been able to recognize your speech.

Step 4: Save your speaking recording

  • After completing your speaking, click on the Preview button.
  • If you want to speak again to improve, click on that sentence and re-record.
  • Then press the Save button if you don't want to make any more changes. At the save notification popup, continue by pressing the Save button.
  • Some function buttons when playing the Role Play game

(1) Extend time: Press this button if you want more recording time.

(2) Listen again: If you want to listen to your recording again, press this button.

(3) Redo: If you are not satisfied with your recording, you can press this button to record again.

(4) Listen to video: When you want to listen to the video section corresponding to the sentence you need to record, select this button.

2. Access the recordings you just created

To access the recordings you just created, go to the Practice page and select the Recordings tab.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us via email: