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Daily Challenge is a daily challenge that includes many games such as Speak, Fill in the blank, Multiple choice, and Word constructor to help you review all the vocabulary you learned the day before. Here, this article will guide you on:

  • How to access the Daily Challenge game
  • Instructions on how to play the games at Daily Challenge

1. How to access the Daily Challenge game

Step 1: On the Practice screen - Select Change Game

Step 2: On the game screen, select the Play Now button in the Daily Challenge section

2. Instructions on how to play the Daily Challenge games

2.1 Multiple Choice Game

  • In this game, choose the answer that best matches the question given.

2.2 Rearrange Game

  • In this game, you need to arrange the given letters into the word that the game provides.

2.3 Fill in the Blanks Game

  • In this game, you have filled in your answer with the question that was given.

2.4 Speak Game

  • Here, eJOY will give you the words to speak in blue. Click the microphone button to start speaking.

After completing the daily game sections, you can review the information about the proficiency of the words you have learned to improve more in the next learning session.

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