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To access Audio Reader and some display settings, you can refer to the following article:

In addition to the settings above, Audio Reader has some other settings. The following article will guide you on how to access those settings:

1. Set Up Read Mode with Audio Reader

  • Read Selection

(1) Toggle On/Off the Read Selection icon

(2) Choose the minimum number of characters in a highlighted text passage for the headphone icon to appear

(3) Other Read Selection options:

  • Read to page end: This option will cause Audio Reader to read the entire page, starting from the current selection.
  • Read the selected text only: This option will cause Audio Reader to only read the selected text

2. Set Up Hotkeys for the Audio Reader Feature

  • In the Hotkeys section

Click on Edit shortcut keys (1) to reset the hotkeys to your liking. When you click on it, a Chrome Extension settings window will be opened. In this window, you can easily change the hotkey position to perform actions such as:

  • Activate the extension: Activates the eJOY eXtension.
  • Next: Moves to the next sentence.
  • Read/Pause: Reads/Pauses the reading.
  • Previous: Goes back to the previous sentence.
  • Speaker: Switches to a different voice.

Remember, each shortcut item will be a different keyboard shortcut. These keyboard shortcuts must include one of the Alt, Ctrl, or ⌘ keys.

In the selection box on the right, you can choose to use the shortcut only on the Chrome browser (Select In Chrome) or on all browsers (Select Global).

  • In the Shortcut keys to change Speakers section

(2)  Select your first or second preferred voice.

Use the keyboard shortcut you configured for Speaker to switch voices between the two selected voices.

3. Adjust Speech Rate for Audio Reader

(1) Press and drag the circle on the horizontal bar to adjust the speed. The default speed is 500WPM - 500 words per minute.

  • Move to the right to increase the speaking speed.
  • Move to the left to decrease the speaking speed.

(2) 500WPM: Displays the speaking speed - The number of words per minute corresponding to the speed adjustment bar.

(3) Preview Speed: Click to preview the audio with the selected speaking speed.

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