The basics and tips to use eJOY efficiently

Integrate video pages with eJOY extension to watch bilingually

1. What is web integration? Types of web integration with eJOY extension.When a video page is integrated with the eJOY extension, you can: Watch bilingually, look up words, save words, etc. on that page. The features you can use depend on the type of integration. There are 3 types

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  18 Jan, 2024
How eJOY Dictionary Helps You Read English Newspapers and Documents

Do you want to quickly and conveniently look up words when reading news or documents? This article will guide you: How to use eJOY to look up words and short phrasesHow to translate and explain the meaning of long sentences First, make sure you have downloaded the eJOY AI dictionary

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  29 Dec, 2023
How to watch bilingual videos, translate technical terms on YouTube, Netflix videos with eJOY AI dictionary

If you need to take a course to improve your skills on other platforms (other than YouTube and Netflix) but the videos only have English subtitles and have too many difficult technical terms, this article will guide you on how to: Download the eJOY AI dictionaryWatch bilingual videosTranslate single wordsTranslate

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  29 Dec, 2023

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