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Instructions on how to play the Daily Challenge game

Daily Challenge is a daily challenge that includes many games such as Speak, Fill in the blank, Multiple choice, and Word constructor to help you review all the vocabulary you learned the day before. Here, this article will guide you on: * How to access the Daily Challenge game * Instructions on

Khánh Vân
  Updated at  Mar 15, 2024
How to play classic training game

In this classic training, you will review through 5 games Anki Flashcards, Flash card listening, Fill in the blank, Speak and Rearrange. 1. Anki flashcards Anki flashcards is a game that applies the spaced repetition method. This collects vocabulary cards and its explanation to help you memorize vocabulary effectively. You

Toan Tran
  Updated at  Jun 16, 2022
How to play speed training game

Speed training including Matching, Multiple choice, and Word constructor games are designed to help you review the vocabulary you have learned. 1. Matching In this game, you will match the picture (or meaning) with the word being read. You can select the word book to play this game. Click Play

Toan Tran
  Updated at  Jun 16, 2022

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