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Streak represents your daily study progress. Streak starts from 0, and for every day of completing a daily goal, you will get 1 streak. You need to reach at least 1500 points to get a streak.

However, to encourage each person to learn harder, App eJOY English 2 offer 3 challenges that you can conquer:

  • 1500 Points
  • 6000 Points
  • 20000 Points

When you pass each milestone, you will receive the corresponding badges displayed on the Daily Goals

Note: If you miss a day without studying, the streak will return to 0.

What is Streak freeze?

For example, you have studied hard and kept an impressive number of streaks. But one day, you forget to study, your streak number goes back to 0, so it's such a pity. The Freeze streak is dedicated for such times so your streak is preserved until the next day you come back.

How to get a Streak freeze?

You can buy Streak freeze with coins at eJOY Shop by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the coin number in the upper corner of the screen on Material section

Step 2: Select Shopping at the How to use coin screen

Step 3: Click Buy now

Each time you click Buy now, you will run out of 100 coins and get 1 Streak freeze. If you have enough coins, you will buy successfully. You can only buy up to 3 Streak freezes at a time.

How to use Streak freeze.

When you successfully buy Streak freeze it is always available and automatically used when you do not complete the daily goal.

For example, after 1 day you forget, the next day you go to the app, you will receive a notification that your streak has been frozen. On the Progress this week, the frozen streak is shown in blue as the image below

. Note:

  • You must have at least 1 streak before to activate the streak freeze feature.
  • If the number of days you forget to learn is more than the number of Streak freezes you have, you will lose your streak.