Table of contents

1. What is Streak?

Streak represents your daily study progress. Streak starts from 0, and for every day of completing a daily goal, you will get 1 streak. You need to reach at least 1500 points to get a streak.

Streak is synchronized between platforms: eJOY App 2, eJOY Web, eJOY Extension. The rules are also common to all three platforms.

There are 3 streak icons corresponding to 3 different milestones:

  • 1500 Points: The orange fire
  • 6000 Points: The pink star
  • 20000 Points: The purple trophy

Note: If you miss a day without studying, the streak will return to 0.

2. What is Streak Freeze?

  • Streak Freeze is for those days you forget to study but still want to secure your previously achieved streaks.
  • Condition: You need to have at least 1 streak to buy Streak Freeze. Temporarily, Streak Freeze can only be bought on the app, it is not supported on the web.
  • How to get a Streak Free: You can buy Streak Freeze with coins at eJOY Shop by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the coin number in the upper corner of the screen on Material section

Step 2: Select Shopping at the How to use coin screen

Step 3: Click Buy now

Each time you click Buy now, you get a Streak Freeze for 100 coins. If you have enough coins, you will buy successfully. You can only buy up to 3 Streak Freezes at a time.

  • How to use Streak Freeze.

If one day, you forget to complete your goal, the number of Streak Freezes will automatically be deducted by 1 and your streak will still be preserved.

Note: If the number of days you forget to learn is more than the number of Streak Freezes you have, you will lose your streak.