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Did you know that you can look up and understand the meaning of any vocabulary with the eJOY AI Dictionary? This article will guide you:

  • How to view all information of a vocabulary word
  • How to open the dictionary window on a computer
  • How to open the dictionary pop up on a phone

1. How to see all the information of a word

Whether on the phone or on a computer, you can look up any information with eJOY AI Dictionary. Each lookup window is divided into many tabs. Each tab contains different information about the vocabulary.

  • In all tabs, you will see the fixed information such as:

(1) UK and US pronunciation

(2) Word frequency: The higher the number, the more necessary and popular the word is in communication. The lowest level is 1 and the highest is 5. For example, the word Successful is rated 5, at a very common level in general communication

(3) Audio reader: You can practice listening and reading at the same time by using the audio reader mode while keeping up with the news.
(4) Search related images

(5) Quickly search for Google definitions

(6) Quickly search for Wikipedia definitions

(7) See how native speakers use this vocabulary in different contexts: Here you will find a list of videos containing the word you look up, just select a video and watch how it's used.

  • The first tab shows the translation of the word into your native language. You can click on the Add button to save the word for later review or hit the "+" sign here to rewrite the meaning according to your understanding before saving it.
  • If you're not satisfied with the translation or want dive deep into the word's usage in different contexts, then go ahead and click on the next tab 'definition' to see the English definition of the vocabulary along with example sentences.
  • In addition, you can also look up words in other dictionaries by scrolling down and clicking on the icons of dictionaries such as Cambridge, Oxford, Longman without opening a new tab like this:
  • If you still find it difficult to understand, especially when looking up jargon, then use the AI dictionary. For instance, the term 'power user,' typically defined as 'a computer user who needs the fastest and most powerful computers available', may not always make sense in context, and AI has explained it as 'someone who highly engaged and utilized a product or service.
  • In the following tabs, you can view Collocations to understand which other words this vocabulary is combined with and examples for each combination, helping improve your writing skills:

Collocations to understand which other words this vocabulary is combined with and examples for each combination, helping improve your writing skills.

The Synonym tab helps you find synonyms and antonyms so you can use alternately in writing and speaking to avoid repetition. The bolder the word, the closer its synonym or antonym is to the original one.

The Example tab provides sentences that contain the word you are looking up.

The Word family tab shows you the origin of the word.

In the Slang tab, you can see explanations of how the word is expressed in spoken language. You can also view the number of likes and dislikes for each explanation, voted by English-speaking users.

2. How to open the word lookup window on a computer

  • Firstly, make sure that you have downloaded the eJOY AI dictionary onto Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Coc Coc - browsers compatible with eJOY.
    If not, simply search for 'eJOY AI.' Click on the result 'eJOY AI Dictionary' at the top.
    Then choose 'Add to Chrome' and agree to add the extension.
  • After downloading eJOY, click on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select the pin symbol next to the eJOY icon to quickly access eJOY whenever needed
  • After downloading, you can click on any word while reading news, scrolling social media, or even watching videos like this.
  • Or if you need to look up a new word you encounter in a book or on TV, just click on the eJOY icon, go to the Lookup tab, type in the word, and search."

3. How to open the word lookup window on your phone

  • To open the word lookup window on your phone, you need to download the eJOY English app. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can simply search for the keyword eJOY English 2 on the Appstore or Google Play store. Or you can download it here (Appstore) or here (Google Play store).
  • After downloading, you can tap to look up words directly when watching videos or reading news, then press the arrow icon below to display a window with all vocabulary information like this.
  • Additionally, if you need to look up a word not from videos or articles on the app, here's how to open the dictionary:
    First, go to the Material or Practice section, select the dictionary icon here, then insert the word you need to look up.

Download eJOY on Chrome or your phone to look up and understand the meaning of any vocabulary now!

If you need further assistance, you can contact us via email: