Table of contents

1. Steps Learn English Through Movies With eJOY

1.1. Choose a film with subtitles

Target: Choose a film which is suitable for your level
You can choose a movie by considering the following points.

  • Your English level: A movie with too many complicated vocabularies may not be a good choice
  • The availability of subtitles: A movie with bilingual subtitles would be the best
  • Your time: Don’t waste your time with a movie which is too long, if you still have other things to do. Short film or TV series with episodes should be considered

If you are wondering how to choose a bilingual movie that is suitable for your English level, you can consider some movie resources as below:

Access eJOY Go and select Movie Training/ Best movie scenes
  • Watch on Netflix và iflix: eJOY eXtension enable to look up words of subtitle on Chrome
  • Watch on YouTube: eJOY eXtension is the first tool for looking up words of YouTube subtitles

1.2 Watching the whole movie at once

Target: Grab the main content of a film

It has better to watch the film with bilingual subtitles. Otherwise, you can watch with subtitles in your native language only. Make sure you fully understand the movie.

1.3. Learning with a separated scene

Target: Practice English Listening and Speaking

This is the most important step to actively learn English.

You can start this step whenever you want after step 2, but remember to make sure that you still understand the movie plot. If you can manage to learn with every scene of the movie, that would be great. However, choose your most favorite scene to master is also a wise way to start.

How to separate a movie:

  • Find available movie scenes on YouTube (see a scene from Deadpool – 2016 here)
  • Watch movie scenes on Movies Training/ Best movie scenes of eJOY Go.
  • Use Cut a part feature on eJOY GO to cut your favorite movie footage.

Step 1: Watch the scene with English subtitles to get new vocabulary and sentence structures.

Target: understand the conversation in English.

  • Watch again and find new words and phrases
  • Click on new words to look up their Vietnamese and English definition.
  • Click ADD to save these new words/ phrases to your eJOY wordbook to practice later.
get new vocabulary

To look for a meaning of a phrase, press and hold Alt (Window) key or Option (Mac) key on your keyboard and click each word on the subtitles.

add new vocabulary

Step 2: Watch again to listen and repeat

  • In order to carefully listen and repeat, you can pause, loop or slow down. Look for new words pronunciation if you are not sure.
  • Using eJOY eXtension to listen to how a new word is pronounced and see what it looks like in IPA phonetics.
  • Try to IMITATE the mouth position, accent, intonation and even facial expression of the characters. You can also record your own voice and compare the result with the original ones. Spend as much time as possible for this step until you can speak at the same speed as the characters.
listen and repeat

1.4.  Mastering Listening and Speaking skills

Target: understand what is going on in the movie without looking at the subtitles and repeat the characters’ saying without pausing the video

  • Just focus on one short scene at a time. It can take 5 minutes per day to practice a 5-minute long scene.
  • You are playing the character now as you already know the characters’ saying. Probably, the most important thing to pay attention to is pronunciation and intonation.
  • It would be much better if you can write down the whole conversation and compare it to the original one to check the spelling, grammar.

If you’re watching a movie on eJOY Go, you can easily practice this step with Speak & Write mode.

Speak & Write

1.5. Review vocabulary

Target: Remember your new words

Open eJOY Game Center on Chrome or Mobile App and review words with interactive games.  eJOY can also remind you to review them every day.

2. List of movies to study English

Below are several eJOY articles to guide you to learning English through movies with eJOY: